Who is she?

Haley Fishberger is a bold singer-songwriter and producer who found her authentic zest in Miami, and brought it to Los Angeles. She defines her genre as Persona Pop: pop with a cinematic spice and a lot of character. She delivers each song with expansive melodies, dramatic hits, biconically honest lyrics, unfiltered humor, and a true warmth that allows people to connect to themselves and each other. 

Haley's wild artist journey began with 2am open mic slots in alleys at the age of 14, followed by her first official gig at an ‘all you can eat crab night.’ She performed in front of trains, on top of trucks, and in the rain. No matter how eccentric the venue, performing original music for people lit an ever-growing spark. This fueled Haley as her venues expanded to include the Faena, Pianos NYC, Frost Fest with John Splithoff, the Viper Room, and the Hotel Cafe. 

In addition to releasing the EP, Inside Out and various singles including “Un Known” and “Hazel Eyes,” Haley’s pride of 2021  is “Seltzer.” She recorded, produced and mixed this empowering track independently, as well as choreographing the music video.

In October 2022, Haley released her second self-produced project, Sweetheart, a fiery anthem that dares to be witty, unleashed, and blunt. She is following it up with yet another self-produced creation, Home (305). Out now!