Who is she?

Haley Fishberger is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer who weaves together classic pop with cinematic warmth. Her style is marked by vocals that cut right to the soul, unfiltered stories, witty lyrics, and an authenticity that makes her audiences feel seen. 

Haley's story began in Miami, with 2am open mic slots in warehouses at the age of 14. Her venues have since expanded to include stages such as the Hotel Cafe, the NAMM show, and this past September, her first international tour in Europe. 

Earlier this fall, Haley was selected for the We Make Noise camp, an organization dedicated to uplifting female and gender-expansive writers/producers. There, she created and pitched music to award-winning artist, Madame Gandhi. 

In addition to her collaborative releases, Haley has released 5 self-produced projects, her latest being the heart-hitting ballad, “Studio Apartment.” Out everywhere now!